Wolters Professional Comfort Harness

Wolters is a top quality pet brand from Germany. The professional range is made from soft and strong washable nylon webbing with strong plastic clips and chrome fittings.

The professional comfort harness has adjustable straps and is lined with neoprene and has a padded chest plate for extra comfort. Easy to fit with 2 adjustable clips at either side and a further adjustment on the chest. Available in 8 sizes (measure around chest behind front legs)

Size 1 35- 40 cm x 25 mm
Size 2 40-45 cm x 25 mm
Size 2A 45-50 cm x 25 mm
Size 3 50-60 cm x 30 mm
Size 4 60-70 cm x 30 mm
Size 5 70-85 cm x 35 mm
Size 6 80-95 x 35 mm
Size 7 90-110 x 35 mm

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