D&H Rolled Leather Collars

D&H rolled collar made from soft bridle leather with solid nickel-plated brass buckle and D-ring. Approximately 1cm thick for small & medium sizes, 1.5cm thick for large sizes. Available in a choice of traditional and contemporary colours. Handmade in England.

Sizes (neck measurement)

XXS 22 – 26cm
XS 24 – 32cm
S 28 – 37cm
M 34 – 43cm
ML 42 – 50cm
L 48 – 55cm
XL 52 – 60cm
XXL 57 – 65cm

Please note: leather is a natural product. To ensure its durability, allow to air-dry completely before re-use if your collar gets wet. Do not allow the leather to come into contact with the chemicals from spot-on flea treatments. This will damage the leather and may cause the dye to run.


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